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Our Story

        T-shirt brands from Chennai were a rarity when we started Angi in 2013 and if we had to make the Madras crowd turn and notice us, we had to come up with a South India based Tee concept that stood out from the rest of the existing graphic printed T-shirt brands in the  market. After a few brain storming sessions, we found it appalling that there were no T-shirt brands in Chennai that portrayed Tamil Nadu’s or for that matter India’s classics,folk-arts or tradition on a strong medium such as T-shirts. That sparked an idea in us and we nurtured that idea slowly into the brand called Angi- which portrays India’s aboriginal ethos, folklore and culture and  in a totally new light, giving it a modern twist. Our initial batch of T-shirt designs included prints focusing on Tamil and Tamil Nadu, since that is where we are from, it was easier for us to develop T-shirts based on designs that we are familiar about. For example, the initial collection included the Bharathiar T-shirt, Thiruvalluvar T-shirt, Shiva T-shirt and T-shirts with Tamil quotes(all of these are our best selling T-shirts till now). We thought T-shirts were an apt medium to tell the world where we come from, what we are and what our roots stood for. We proceeded to work on the printed T-shirts concept with great zeal. Since we had no prior experience in the field of Fashion or Clothing, it was a rough road ahead with a lot of experiences to be gained and lessons to be learnt which we enjoyed thoroughly and benefited a lot from, we are still looking forward to learning a lot as we are on this journey with Angi.

        We started production on our first set of T-shirt designs in December 2012, and by the end of January 2013 we had kick started our T-shirt business from Chennai. Since then, we have been warmly welcomed by all, as it has impressed the general public, artists,culture-enthusiasts and tourists on an equal level. Our concept has been a “quiet success” and we are present at major tourist places around Madras and Pondicherry, we have been travelling all over South India putting up stalls in a quest to make our T-shirts reach out to people. Now that we have expanded our collection and have also included India based prints also, we are looking to sell across India. We have also been operating through our Online store since November 2014 and reaching out to people who like to shop online.

        On our first financial year, we had sold nearly 6500 T-shirts including a major corporate order and the future seems to look bright as we hope to bring in more creativity and innovation through graphic prints on this canvas called T-shirt. We look to cover the length and breadth of the country in terms of exploring the valued culture and diversity, with art as the impetus that pushes us to scale even greater heights.

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