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Our Team




   An electrical engineer and a NIFT graduate who has no clue about either, he is having
   some respite with the help of the following people. A very laid back individual who
   mostly does the clerical works for Angi like sending couriers,checking mails,
   delivering t-shirts,attending phone calls,etc.



   A Computer Science graduate, passed out of Loyola College,Chennai, Kumar has a very
   keen interest in creative arts.He has an eye for anything and everything that is artistically
   intriguing and gets inspired from stuff that amazes him.This “creative head” of Angi is
   not afraid of learning and expanding his horizons, a patron of radical ideas, he always
   likes to test the waters and does not think twice to implement or execute a new concept.




   One of the few individuals who trusted in us and believed that we would amount to
   something worthwhile, when we started out. A very seasoned and experienced artist,
   his “old school” touch gave our designs the tinge of traditionalism and brought
   out the essence of the brand. He is one of the very rare breed of traditional artists
   who shows great passion towards their work and makes art with a lot of honesty.



   Jegadeesh was employed at a design firm called CAVEART STUDIOS, when we first
   approached him. Being a versatile artist,he adapts and creates any style of art no
   matter how complicated it is. It is very appalling how he grasps our complicated
   ideas and effortlessly brings forth the image we had in mind into a finished artwork.
   We are always looking forward to a new season to work with him on a whole new
   set of ideas.

Graphic Designer



   He is what you call a “modern day” designer. A fashion designer by profession, he took to
   our idea like a fish to water.We have been fortunate enough to have a person with such
   sound technical knowledge in clothing as our design advisor and well-wisher.He keeps
   us updated on the latest fashion trend, design evolution, printing techniques, etc.
   Nanil is the guiding light for Angi.

Graphic Designer ( Typography )



   A graphic designer by profession, his thirst for knowledge in art and design is literally
   unquenchable. A self-made graphic designer who has a keen interest in Typography,
   Prob keeps designing, meddling and learning all the time. He is a voracious reader,
   likes to keep himself updated about everything related to design. A street art and
   grafitti fanatic, he likes to explore different art forms & styles, we are always thrilled
   to work with him and are looking forward to doing many more projects with him.




   A one-of-a-kind fashion designer who takes inspiration from not so commonplace ideas
  and often aspires to beget the best possible output he could. Since his association with Angi,
  he has been the backbone of every design. A visionary, who wants to put Chennai on
  the fashion map through Angi.



   A courageous go-getter, who is more about execution than just planning. She always aspires
  to great heights and won’t settle for less. She has played a pivotal role in making Angi what it is today.

Finally, the friends who have been with us(and still are) at every step of Angi’s progress. They are as important as the people mentioned above and have been a driving force for Angi from the beginning. They’ve been working in their spare time for Angi as if it’s their own and we wonder about their intentions behind it(kidding!!!). As we cannot thank them enough for their efforts and contribution to Angi, we have decided to make this small gesture as a token of gratitude.

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