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Tamil T-Shirts

Yaanetharkkum Anjen
Acham Thavir T-Shirt
Jallikattu Tamil T-Shirt-Tamil Tradition

Angi presents a unique range of designer t-shirts that fuse tradition and culture in a modern frame. The t-shirts incorporate various art forms and other cultural aspects of Southern India. ..

Seivathu Thuninthu Sei
Tamil Zha
Naan Vizhven
Vedham Puthumai Sei
Aanmai Thavarel
Vaiyath Thalaimai Kol

Vaiyathalamai Kol..

Minnuvathellam Ponalla
Agni Kunchondru Kanden
Bharathiyar Tamil T-Shirt

Bharathi Tamil T-shirt- A rebel then and a legend now. A fiery poet who fought against all odds for the empowerment of women and to abolish societal taboo. He also played a pivotal role in instigating the thirst for independence among people through his thought provoking songs during the independence struggle. ..

Periyar Graphic Print- Tamil T-Shirt

Periyar was a great social reformer from Tamil Nadu. The bedrock of his principles and movements was Rationalism. He set out to completely eradicate untouchability and to establish a united society based on brother/sisterhood...

Thiruvalluvar T-Shirt

Valluvan Tamil T-shirt – An ancient wonder, Thiruvalluvar is a revered Tamil poet and philosopher. He is the author of one the all time greatest works of literature, Thirukkural. ..

Poikkal Kuthirai T-Shirt- Tamil Folk Art

Poikkal Kuthirai Attam where the dancer bears the dummy figure of a horse’s body on his/her hips. The dancer dons wooden legs(stilts) which sound like the hooves of the horse. The dancer brandishes either a sword or a whip. This dance is accompanied by Naiyandi melam or Band music or Folk music. This folk dance is performed to the worship of Amman Temple Festivals, Ayyanar,etc and it prevails in T..

Karakattam T-Shirt- Tamil Folk Art

Karagattam (“karagam (‘water pot’) dance”) is an ancient folk dance of Tamil Nadu performed in praise of the rain goddess Mariamman. The performers balance decorated pots on the head while dancing, the pot symbolizes joy and happiness. Karagattam is performed for entertainment, as well in temples as a spiritual offering. ..

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